We offer each student personalized home tutoring to consolidate their knowledge and develop their study strategies. The tutor’s role is to help the student improve his/her performance, but also to increase his/her confidence and motivation at school.

Why use a home tutor?

The help of a tutor helps prevent academic failure by regularly working on misunderstood concepts, combined with a good work method and a follow-up with your child’s teacher. The student can then benefit from help with knowledge, learning strategies and organization. The role of a tutor is of course to help the student improve his/her results, but also to increase his/her confidence and motivation at school.

Tutorax offers an in-home tutoring service for students from elementary school to university covering all subjects.

If your child is experiencing difficulties at school, our team is here to help you. Please call us or fill out the form and we will get back to you right away!

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In-Home Tutoring Services

This service is offered to students with academic difficulties in one or more subjects. With the help of daily or weekly meetings with a tutor at home, the student will have the opportunity to counteract his difficulties by reviewing all the notions that he has not assimilated. This will allow them to catch up on their schoolwork. In addition, this service is of great benefit to student-athletes who are frequently absent from class.

This service allows the student to meet with a tutor a few days before the exam in order to clarify any misunderstandings and to prepare adequately for the exam. In addition, the tutor will prepare a revision plan that will allow the student to synthesize all the notions covered.

This service is offered to students attending summer school in order to help them succeed. Our tutors are trained to motivate your child and answer any questions he or she may have. In addition, this service can be applied to students who have successfully completed a course but feel the need to reinforce their knowledge before starting the next school year.

Tutoring also available for the following subjects



Elementary & high school

In-home tutoring

$ 45,00/h

No contract & no commitment

Elementary and high school in-home tutoring is available wherever you may be. All subjects from all school programs are covered.


In-home tutoring
$ 47,00/h
No contract & no commitment

College/university in-home tutoring is available near you. All subjects from all school programs are covered.

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They listened to my daughters needs, the woman was a perfect match, great personality and patient and introducing games to aid in the learning of French. So far so good and payment via etransfer super efficient

Patricia S.

I turned to Tutorax for an English tutor for my son and his cousin. The boys like their tutor who is always on time and very knowledgeable.I really appreciated the flexibility: tutorax was the only company I found that was willing to do a course for 2 students without charging extra fees

Anik S.

Great first Math tutoring for my daughter who is in grade 10. Love the adaptability of the tutor. She is also fully bilingual which helps greatly. Looking forward to what the future bringsÉ hopefully a good base understanding of math and a new found confidence.

Belinda Z.

I am so happy that I found Tutorax. I could not have asked for a better service to help my 9 yr old catch up and ensure she is successful in school. Her confidence has increased and her Tutor is fantastic! Worth every penny.

Melanie P.

So far, everything is going great! Our tutor is the perfect candidate for our daughter. She is dynamic, patient, has a work ethic and is organized. We appreciate her professionalism and her desire for Jade to succeed.

Sarah H.

Tutorax far exceeded my expectations. We had tried another tutoring service and were disappointed. Friendly and efficient service from the first phone call. My son had his first session with Theertana this past weekend and already learned a lot. He requested that I book further sessions with her.

Ava G.



20 hours

1 FREE hour (40$)

30 hours

3 FREE hours (120$)

40 hours

5 FREE hours (200$)



Questions & Answers

At Tutorax, there are no contracts which means you don’t have an obligation to take a certain number of tutoring hours. Each student has different needs so you are free to adapt the frequency and duration according to what is best for your child.

Payments are made via credit card. Invoices are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deductions. In addition, a portion of the costs related to our services may be reimbursed by some insurance plans.  We suggest that you contact your insurer or accountant for more information.

Tutorax undertakes to find you a tutor within 5-7 days after the date on which you have completed your request.