Flexible hours!

Levels and subjects of your choice!

Short travel distances!

Stimulating and rewarding job!



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Become a tutor

Tutorax is currently looking for tutors across Canada who would like to join our team to offer homework assistance sessions to elementary and/or high school and university students. Although we offer our services in all subjects (French, mathematics, English, science, history and more), our tutors have the opportunity to choose the subject(s) they wish to teach.

Responsibilities of a tutor

As a tutor at Tutorax, your main tasks will be:

  • Help with homework
  • Help your students catch up on academic delays or enrich their learning
  • Motivate and supervise your students
  • Plan tutoring sessions
  • Keep you up to date on the training provided by Tutorax
Work Locations

Our tutoring service is available at home and online, anywhere in Canada!

The benefits at Tutorax
  • You determine your own schedule (weekday evenings and/or weekends)
  • Regular or occasional tutoring meetings
  • Possibility to work directly in your neighbourhood / sector
  • Support and Mentoring Circle
  • Training offered free of charge



Criteria for the position of specialized tutor

As a tutor, it is also possible to be part of the team of specialized tutors who are headed by a speech therapist. To do this, you must have knowledge of learning disabilities and be equipped to work with school-age clients (primary and/or secondary) with learning disabilities.

University student in:
● Bachelor’s degree in psychology*
● Bachelor’s degree in linguistics
● Bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation*
● Bachelor of Primary/Secondary Education*
● Master’s degree in speech therapy
● Baccalaureate/Certificate in Special Education
● Master’s degree in educational psychology


*For these programs, it is important to have already had courses in linguistics.