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Tutoring in maths is one of the most requested among students. Whether it’s in elementary, high school, college or university, maths courses always include abstract concepts that require a lot of practice. As a result, many students accumulate misunderstood notions from one year to the other. This delay becomes an important problem as the level of difficulty increases. Benefiting from a private tutor in maths allows the student to make a “blitz” in order to catch up and maintain the pace of learning done in class. Giving your child the chance to benefit from academic support allows him to increase his academic success!







When a student begins to experience difficulty in mathematics, it turns into a lack of self-confidence and non interest in the subject. It is very difficult for a student to catch up by himself, because if the basics are missing it prevents him from assimilating the new complex notions. This small delay then creates a snowball effect over time. The delay seems therefore impossible to catch up.

In-home tutoring helps to build a solid foundation that will allow the student to acquire, over time, harder concepts. During the sessions, the student will regain confidence, since he will have the chance to catch up with the rest of the class by working specifically on his difficulties. Mentoring with a tutor will make your child say “I love maths! “





At Tutorax we believe that all children have the potential to excel in mathematics if they receive tutoring lessons that provides them with effective guidance and adapted to their way of learning. Indeed, there are many types of students, so we all learn differently. Let us take as an example visual students who wish to benefit from tutoring. Thanks to our personalized tutoring support, they are able to benefit from a tutor who will provide them with personalized assistance, embellishing the additional exercises and the lessons of the mathematical concepts with drawings and explanations. At Tutorax, we adapt tutoring lessons to each student in order to offer them tutoring that assure the desired success.




Our team of tutors helps students overcome their barriers and academic delays, while also transmitting their passion for maths. Whether it’s academic support, homework help, catch-up or exam preparation, our tutors are trained to help students in all mathematical fields: 

Arithmetic – Algebra – Geometry – Analytical geometry – Probabilities – Statistics – Discrete mathematics  Derivatives – Integrals

Tutorax is therefore the ideal study solution!

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