The sessions are going very well. Louis-Philippe has great patience and we really appreciate his work.

Professional team. You can see that they really care about the students’ well-being! I really appreciated that they contacted my daughter’s teacher to help her. This is the third company we’ve dealt with and the first to take the time to contact her teacher. We will continue next year with our tutor Carolane! Thank you for your support.

Very impressed with the service received! I had dealt with another company in the past, but the tutor we had was no longer available. So we made a request to Tutorax and they came to our aid very quickly. What impressed me the most was the quality of service they offered. Whether it’s the receptionist, the educational counsellors or the tutors, we can feel that they are one big team and that together they are all focused on our child’s success. Keep up the good work!

My daughter has been working with her tutor for a few weeks now and we have already seen a great improvement … A proud and relieved mom for her little one ! Thanks a lot !

The tutoring sessions with Justin have allowed my son Christopher to be admitted to the two private schools, Jean-Eudes College and Regina Assumpta College. In addition, we would like to thank the entire team who worked with our tutor to create additional exercises for Christopher. We can never thank you enough for all your work!

We asked Tutorax to help our daughter who is in grade 9, Tutorax responded quickly to our request and found us a young student, Laurie, who is great. She is full of energy and enthusiasm in her approach with our daughter. Laurie knows the French and Math curriculum very well, so no time was wasted, she jumped right in! Our daughter has connected very well with Laurie and dares to ask relevant questions to better understand the subjects.
Thank you Laurie!

Great company! The whole team is dynamic and offers a personalized service to each student. In fact, follow-ups are done to ensure our child’s progress. I am delighted to have had access to such a service. Congratulations for your company!

Maria meets exactly our expectations. She is courteous and very creative with Marie-Sarah. Our daughter is an artist and Maria always turns meetings into a great activity. I recommend her to all moms of a little artist with workbooks full of drawings!

Incredible service. After only a few meetings, we noticed a big improvement in the understanding of the different subjects. Xavier, our son’s tutor, always arrives well prepared for each meeting. With Tutorax, we feel we are investing in our son’s future. Without a doubt, I recommend them to all parents.

This is without a doubt the best investment I ever made for my boy! Being a little ball of energy, his tutor Maxime was able to attract his attention with educational games. William always looks forward to Saturday morning meetings. The tutoring sessions have become as much fun as his soccer practices. Quite an achievement!

Tutoring saved my boy’s education. As a major junior player, he spends his time at the arena or on the ice. His tutor (Brandon) has a lot of flexibility when it comes to my son’s availability. The games are played at home or with the help of the virtual class during out of town games. I wish I had known about this service before!

The group tutoring has been greatly beneficial to us. My son is very happy to be able to do his homework and study with two friends from his class. It has become their Sunday morning activities. In addition, their tutor Mathieu is extremely patient with the boys and he always finds little educational competitions to get their attention. It’s really a perfect match!

We are very happy with the service. My 2 daughters have gained confidence and are learning to better manage their time during exams. Two factors that are not quantifiable but which promote academic success. Our tutor shows the required level of rigor…
Wonderful! I recommend it.

We are very satisfied with the services our two boys are receiving. Thanks to Elisabeth’s help, Antoine has been accepted in police technique at Maisonneuve and Philippe in natural science. You have made children (and parents) very proud!

Tutorax came to rescue us the day before an exam. In less than 24 hours, my son was able to meet a tutor to clarify certain notions for his exam. He got 85%! I therefore strongly suggest them to all parents and children in distress for an exam. They provide a professional and efficient service!

I am very happy with the English tutoring sessions my daughter receives. Her tutor is very conscientious of Latifa’s needs and she suggests additional exercises before exams. Latifa also gained confidence and it helped her with other subjects. It’s impressive for a teenager who was reticent about the idea of having a tutor.

The tutoring sessions meet my expectations. We started with help in science, then Rose asked us for a tutor in mathematics. Tutorax paired us with Lydia and we work together weekly. Lydia has become a friend of the family!

I never would have believed one day hear my daughter ask me to do an hour of extra homework! Yet it happened at the first tutoring meeting. Jessica did not want Arielle to leave. We reassured him by mentioning that Arielle would come every Tuesday. Guess his new favorite day!

Wow! What a service!! My son is in secondary 1 in a private school. He went to a public elementary school. In some subjects, he was behind the students coming from the private school. In less than 24 hours, after his registration, the first meeting took place. Thank you for the excellent service and your listening.

Tutorax found me the perfect tutor for my son, what a relief from the stress. Keep up the good work!

Tutorax has made me realize how much less stress my child is less stressed by his exams now that he has the help of a tutor. For Brandon, working with Catherine has made all the difference in his school career.

Professional service that was able to find a great tutor quickly!

Thank you for the follow-ups you make. We are satisfied with our first meeting with Émilie. At the end of this one, we have planned sessions for the next two weeks. Thank you!

Listening to our needs, modern and very fast service!

Alexis is a tutor who listens to the student’s needs and the parents’ budget. He is very flexible in his schedule. I gladly recommend this tutor.

Émile arrived very prepared for the first meeting. During our conversation, I had told him that my boy was a tablet addict. He arrived with proposals for applications based on research he had done.

Thank you I am very satisfied with the speed with which you found a tutor. Julie is very cheerful and pleasant. She has greatly contributed to restoring my daughter’s self-confidence in the face of this history subject. Strangely, the fact that Julie is very young was a plus.

Tutorax has greatly helped my boy, but also our relationship. In fact, Mathieu meets his tutor Alexandre directly at his school on Mondays and Thursdays. Together, they do Mathieu’s study and homework while waiting for us to pick him up. This is the ideal solution for our family.

Great service! They saved my son from failing school and repeating his year! Mathieu was really resistant to the idea of having a tutor… They took the time to listen to us to fully understand his needs. We had the chance to work with a young and dynamic tutor who really mastered his subject. Very competent!

Thank you for the quality service you offer! Our daughter was failing her math class and thanks to your VERY quick help (in less than 48 hours we had already met the tutor) her class went very well! Zoé was very professional, patient and organized. Definitely a service that I recommend to moms and dads who need a helping hand!

Your service is impeccable and the tutoring sessions with my son are going great! Congratulations to all of you!

I am very satisfied with the service offered by Tutorax. In addition to being an investment for my daughter’s future, this has allowed her to increase her esteem. Her average in Maths has drastically increased from 61% to 82%. Thank you so much !

Hello, I am satisfied with the service and my daughters appreciate working with Chanel.

Our tutor Stefanie is extraordinarily patient. With her gentleness, she managed to help our little Chloe. Our daughter no longer hides her misunderstandings and it made it possible to catch up her delay. She’s now doing very well in her maths class.

Incredible service! The tutors are caring and full of stuff! Available according to my schedule! My 7 year old son, in 3 sessions, I saw a difference and a progression! For my high school boy who has ASD, it helps him a lot and the tutor is very patient! Thank you, because it’s good and not expensive!

I am very satisfied with the sessions with Coralie. My boy gets along very well with with her and I’m sure he will make a lot of progress. We will keep you informed of its progress!

Thank you for the quality service you offer! Our daughter took her math class and thanks to your VERY quick help (in less than 48 hours we had already met the tutor) her class went very well! Zoé was very professional, patient and organized. Definitely a service that I recommend to moms and dads who need a helping hand!