Efficient and quick study tips

8 efficient and quick study tips

As exams approach, students often have to work harder at school and at home. Studying is necessary to prepare for exams. Tutorax gives you 8 study tips to apply...
Comment organiser ses devoirs

How to organize your homework? 5 tips to help you!

At home, the homework period is generally a stressful activity for children and their parents. Often it is difficult to know how to go about avoiding conflicts. We've put...
Démotivation scolaire

Student demotivation: What to do? What to say?

The educational path is, for many students, a difficult stage. Your child may therefore experience demotivation at school at a certain point. Here are some tips to help students...
Aménager une classe flexible

What is a flexible seating classroom?

I was reluctant when I was told that in a few years I might have a flexible classroom. So I decided to research this new concept a bit to...
Illustrated spelling for kids

Illustrated spelling to help kids memorize words

The English language comes with its difficulties. Why are there silent letters at the end of certain words? Why do we sometimes have to use two consonants in order...

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