Arrondir un nombre

How to round decimals ? | Rounding Numbers Guide

How do you know when to round up decimals ? When dealing with decimal numbers, rounding is an important concept that everyone should master. Rounding is useful in different situations:...
Comment choisir un tuteur

How to choose a tutor for your children

Tips to choose the best tutor for your child It is often the case that children need a little extra help outside of school to fully grasp some subject matters...
Comment calculer la surface d'un cylindre

How To Calculate the Surface Area of a Cylinder

What is the surface area of a cylinder? A cylinder is a solid figure with two circular, similar and parallel bases. The bottom of a cylinder is obtained through the...
Comment calculer le volume d'un cône

How To Calculate the Volume of a Cone?

A cone has a three-dimensional shape so calculating its volume can seem a little complicated. To help you understand better, in this article we explain what a cone is...
Qu'est-ce qu'un triangle scalène ?

What is a Scalene Triangle?

Triangles: Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene We can classify triangles according to the length of their sides and the measures of their angles. Equilateral triangle A triangle is called an equilateral triangle if...

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