What material to bring to a tutoring session?

Tutor material


As a tutor, it is not always easy to know what to bring to tutoring sessions, which is why we’ve prepared a list of things that you should bring to each of your meetings. You can adapt it according to the activities that you will carry out from week to week and adjust it based on the needs of your students.

Become a tutor

Teaching material for tutoring

  • A plastic storage bin
  • A white board
  • Plastic sheet covers
  • Erasable pencils
  • Accordion Expanding File Folder
  • Stickers
  • Erasers
  • Dice and playing cards
  • Colored cardboard portfolios
  • A clip-on tablet
  • A binder
  • Homework and Tests

First, it can be very handy to store all the materials you need for your tutoring meetings in a plastic storage bin. You can find a bin similar to the one pictured below at Bureau en gros. Unlike your backpack, a large plastic bin like this will allow you to easily store all your gear.

We suggest you bring a white board and plastic sheets. The board is without a doubt the thing you will use the most. Do we really need to explain why this tool is so useful? Of course, don’t forget to bring erasable pencils! To the right, these are plastic sheets found on Amazon, right here.

They are used to put sheets inside so that you can write on them with erasable pencils again. Really practical!

In your storage bin, we also suggest you bring little discoveries from Dollarama. You can find an accordion pouch there to store stickers because all children like to receive one after an activity, even the oldest! You can also find a ton of small erasers there. They can also be used as game pawns or when you work on counting with the youngest. Dice and cards have a multitude of uses! You can use them in different games or to work on mathematics.

If you often bring multiple activities, a pouch like this will come in handy. You can find similar ones at Bureau en gros. They close with a velcro and are very resistant! In one of these pockets, we suggest that you store some math games.

To keep your students’ worksheets, these colorful cardboard portfolios, available at Dollarama, do the job well. You should also always bring a clip-on tablet with you. Students love doing their job with this tool! They feel like they’re doing an adult job! This comes from HomeSense.

Finally, we have a tip for you that will make all the difference in your organization. In a binder, we suggest that you write down absolutely everything about the meetings you have with your students. In a section that you can name “Chronology of interventions”, you can write down everything you do in terms of learning and activities. It is essential to keep track of the interventions you have with your students. Plus, at the end of each meeting, parents can have a very precise idea of ​​what has been worked on with their child. You can also create a “Notions to see soon” section where you can write down any difficulties you have noticed and that will be worked on in future meetings.

Finally, here are the 3 things to remember:

  • Dollarama is your best friend.
  • A whiteboard and erasable pencils are essential to carry with you.
  • Organization is key.

I hope this article has been able to help you a bit!

Anne Marie