This program takes the form of summer courses offered individually. Register today, as space is limited.

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What is the summer school program?

The summer school program allows students to consolidate their learning, to review the notions studied during the school year and to introduce some of next year’s concepts.

Theories, exercises and projects will be on the schedule each week to learn while having fun!

  • Our summer school program is accepted by most public and private schools.

  • Delivery, upon request, of a certificate of participation and achievement of objectives.

Cours d'été en ligne classe

Which subjects are offered?

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My 2 children participated in the summer courses and we saw a great improvement at the beginning of the school year. They have largely caught up! Thank you to the 2 wonderful teachers (Joanie and Sophie) who helped them.

Julie P.

I am very pleased with the summer courses. My son was quite reluctant to take classes, but the one-on-one class was perfect for him. He did 15 hours of classes with his tutor and then we gave the certificate to his school. This is a great service for high school students!

Marc C.

1-on-1 Summer Classes

– Our services are available online or at home

Individual summer courses are offered to students from elementary to college. The courses are held by a certified Tutorax tutor and allow the student to benefit from individualized and personalized instruction which will help him/her master the essential concepts and knowledge and to be ready for the next school year. Students can take advantage of summer courses in one or more subjects depending on their needs and goals. This type of course is accepted by most public and private schools.

  • Locations: Online or at home depending on your choice.
  • Subjects available: French, English, Math, History, Geography and Science.
  • Schedule: According to your child’s availability (Available 7 days a week)
  • Certificate : Given on request.

Rates: $37.00 – $42.00/hour.

*Our services are GST/QST exempt.

Registration for the 2023 summer courses is now open!

Reserve your seat : 1-800-513-5358

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What will my child do in class?

The summer school program allows your child to benefit from instruction and various exercises that will help him/her assimilate difficult concepts, consolidate his/her learning, prepare to retake an exam and enrich his/her current knowledge in preparation for the next school year.

  • Theoretical explanations

  • Additional exercises

  • Activities and projects

Summer school certificate offered to students

At Tutorax, we can provide, upon request, an official certificate which you can give to your child’s school. The certificate includes two documents:

– An attestation of participation indicating the number of class hours completed by the student.

– An attestation of achievement of the Ministry’s program objectives.

science tutoring certificate


Questions & Answers

At Tutorax, there are no contracts which means you don’t have an obligation to take a certain number of tutoring hours. Each student has different needs so you are free to adapt the frequency and duration according to what is best for your child.

Payments are made via credit card. Invoices are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deductions. In addition, a portion of the costs related to our services may be reimbursed by some insurance plans.  We suggest that you contact your insurer or accountant for more information.

Tutorax undertakes to find you a tutor within 5-7 days after the date on which you have completed your request.