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We had a great experience using Tutorax services helping our son prepare for her math exam. Anna, her Tutor, is extremely professional and highly experienced.

Shereen Garrett

Remarkable service, my tutor Brett is great!! Will definitely look at other tutors in the future for other subjects I struggle with!

Rich Blake

Tutorax really came helped us big with helping our son and us as a family get through this hard school year.We had a direct line of communication with his English tutor every step of the way – reassuring us that he was doing everything he could to help our son! Thank you

Lynda Dalby

We will forever be indebted to Tutorax and their incredible tutors! My son passed his math exam and I give all the credit to Tutorax! And, in addition, they actually enjoyed the process. Thanks for preparing them and building up their confidence!

Jamel Watkins

Homework can take hours. My kid’s confidence was very low and it showed. Lately his confidence got a boostt. His Tutor really helped him understand key concepts at school.

Stephany D’alonzo

One of the tutors has been helping my son and he has already improved in his class. Tutorax does a good job finding the rare quality chemistry tutors according to your area. They found one close to our home and my son’s high school. Super satisfied so far!!

Louisa Gilliam

About 3 courses in, I had already learned so many studying tactics and tricks that helped me ace my tests in physicsl. In just a short time I was able to improve my grades. That would not have been possible without my amazing physics tutor. His patience, active follow ups and support was a huge plus.

Catriona Gallegos

With Tutorax we have seen a big improvement in the subjects my son is getting tutoring in. Great staff and outstanding tutoring service

Cora Greco

I wanted to drop you a note to express how thankful we are to have Matthew helping our daughter with geography. He is an exceptional tutor and she has made the most notable improvements as a result of his dedication.

Mahnoor Hensley

I highly recommend Mathew! He is punctual and very thorough with the subject. He brings the positive energy with his thorough understanding of the subject and explanation. He is extremely patient and explains the concepts with relevant examples. My daughter has been enjoying her history course a lot more now.

Anis Pugh

Chris, our online tutor in math helped us get through many classes during the pandemic. He is extremely good with kids and presents topics in a clear, organized and patient manner. He also explains notions in different ways if they are not understood right away. So proud of my son and his progress!

Eliott Moody

We are impressed with Tutorax! I love the tutor matching process. My son’s tutor is helping Jonathan succeed better in math. Also he is more confident at school every since. Thank you immensely

Jennifer Carr

Tutorax was really nice and supportive. They helped my son score good marks in his recent exams! They assigned us with an excellent physics tutor who taught my son great studying habits. He explained everything thoroughly and I felt very at ease with him. Overall pleasant experience and I would call them as soon as we need more tutoring!

Shyam Connolly

Sitting down at home during online classes with a tutor helps me focus better. When I need assistance, customer support is there to help also. Highly recommend!

Paul Bennet

I found this in-home tutoring service so helpful. I was failling my math class and after few sessions with my tutor, I aced my exam! Thank you Tutorax

Kia Fenton

I highly recommend tutorax! After three weeks of summer classes, we notice a big improvement, he loves the “one in one tutoring”.

Fabien Wong

2 different chemistry tutors help me get an A grade in my college course. Thank you so much! Highly recommend these great teachers. Ill call again when another very hard chemistry notion comes up!

Jaylen Herring

I have really enjoyed working for Tutorax. Tutors that are available online very often. The scheduling is incredibly flexible.. They provided great support for my son. Highly recommend Tutorax!

Jacob Contreras

My tutor was really qualified, oncee a week we met and worked through my homework assignments. I got an A recently on a test thanks to him. He helped me thoroughly understand the concepts.

Sasha Pinault

Tutorax greatly helped my son his math test. Matthew is a really good tutor. He’s hardworking and patient. Thank you Tutorax.

Jeffery Bennett

Sarah has helped me with my geography courses. I’m confident to say that without her help, my grades would not have been good. I would recommend Tutorax to students that are struggling or looking to better themselves on the subject.

Mikey Deacon

I highly recommend Tutorax for a few reasons I will highlight. The adviser on the phone coordinated my sessions according to my tight schedule. Her demeanor was very calm and she was thoughtful the whole time. Also, thanks to such a great physics tutor my grades have went up! Thank you again!

Lois Houston

My tutor is professional, easy to talk to and helps me every tutoring session. I am very happy with the service so far. I recommend trying Tutorax for any tutoring subject

Mattea Eramo

A great service with homework help. Tutorax helps you get your grades up in your school because they have great tutors. I look forward to finishing homework tonight.

Miriam Ross

I called Tutorax without knowing who they are other than the reviews. I needed to have a biology tutor for my daughter who was struggling in Biochem. She’s getting better and looks motivated. Thanks to Alex, wonderful tutor!

Elize Maynard

Great tutors everytime I asked for one! I am very pleased with our tutor Emily. She’s a great fit for my son Alex and is very patient with him. He looks forward to seeing his tutor again next week. Highly recommend Tutorax!

Keith Parks

My sister recommended that I start with Tutorax to help me improve my grades in science. So far so good! My science tutor helped me get better in recent tests. Very student-friendly, supportive and fun service.

Dale Roman

I would recommend Tutorax as we have been so very lucky to have a wonderful tutor for our son. He is a very thoughtful ,respectful tutor who puts a lot of thought while he explain a material and he always teached him the easiest way to solve the questioned and he Always encourage him to study harder.

Kai Cohen

Great tutoring service for about 3 months and i see an amazing difference in my daughter’s writing skills. I wasn’t sure to ask for tutoring at Tutorax but my child keeps getting better and has fun for the entire hour

Esteban Mayo

Very knowledgeable tutor and extremely flexible with meeting our scheduling needs. Our son has more and more confidence and actually wants to attend his biology tutoring courses with her tutor. Thank you so much Tutorax

Ffion Mcdowell

I just want to thanks tutorax and matt for this in-home tutoring service.I really appreciate for all his support. I highly recommend him and this education center to anyone who interested in learning….

Angelica Gamble

We used the in-home tutoring service for the very first time and it was really great. Hanna helped my son in his math homework. the communication with Tutorax has been absolutley amazing.

Poppy Reeve

Remarkable biology tutor! Oliver was able to help me at ease understand complex biochemistry notions and he communicated well during the whole process. He made sure to explain things in the simplest way possible and helped me build confidence. Thank you for the great service!

Alayah Garza

The best tutors I have experienced, a wide range of tutors who are all very kind and helpful. They have been able to help me substantially boost my grades in school and improve my academic understanding. It is very easy to book tutoring lessons!

Montgomery Flowers

Starting at Tutorax, I was nervous at first. I didn’t know where to start. After talking with an adviser for more than an hour, I was matched with an amazing science tutor that helped me a lot! Great decision in the end because it was a pleasant service.

Alejandro Lynn

I have greatly enjoyed my experience with Tutorax. My son enjoys his tutoring sessions with Kent. I appreciate the follow-ups for tutoring and the flexible schedule. Definitely worth the try.

Anika Arosio

I was unsure to register for the online tutoring option, but now I’m glad I did. The staff answers all my questions seriously. They really care that you do well.

Juan Perez

This was actually our third time using Tutorax, with two kids over two french exam.I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Brian McBride

I started with Tutorax and I love the follow-ups. I received texts to make sure that when we scheduled biology tutoring sessions for my son. We are happy and very comfortable with our biology tutor. Our experience with Matt exceeded my expectations. Strongly recommend Tutorax!

Sylvie Coles

Brenda is loving her tutoring classes and has more confidence in english every since she started at Tutorax! Thank you Linda for your strategic tutoring skills, I am very thankful!

Rob Tang

Overall I can only praise Tutorax tutors. They are very professional and proactive. More specifically we are extremely happy with the French tutor Audrey. She has given our daughter tremendous encouragement and is a highly knowledgeable and capable tutor.

Edgar Sanchez

I really enjoyed tutoring here! It’s very flexible and my science tutor helped me get through difficult homework. The online platform we communicated on was easy to use and has everything you need to succeed! Thank you again Tutorax

Ralphie Gaines

Alex could not have been a more devoted tutor for my child. Using Tutorax was worth every penny. My son enjoys doing mathematics with his tutor.

Krista Ryder

Amazing experience! The company is very professional and supportive. I couldn’t have passed my history exam without my tutor. Thank you Tutorax

Maheen Avila

When I moved to Florida about 3 months ago and started a new school, I got in contact with an adviser at Tutorax. They sent me a wonderful biology tutor. She was very patient, professional and flexible. My grades went up! I ended the year with an A in my final exam! Very proud and glad to have found a great tutor

Eiliyah Alvarado

Lately we started with Matteo, who is a smart, patient and meticulous chemistry tutor. He helped my eldest understand the basics of chemistry. He definitely improved his grades and now loves his classes. Recommend tutoring professionals at Tutorax for sure!

Primrose Moore

I am soo thankful for this in-home tutoring service. Their teaching method are great. I have been learning so much from Kevin, my tutor. is a perfect match and he has assisted in so may ways. Big thanks to tutorax.

Kylie Serrano

Amazing quality service at Tutorax. The tutors are knowledgeable about the entire academic process and also very committed and passionate about helping you succeed. My tutor for my chemistry course helped me pass my exam last semester. Now this time around, I had an amazing physics tutor that helped me get a solid grade. Thank you so much again!!

Jasmine Terrell

We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Tutorax. Our son was failling his geography course .He absolutely loves his tutor and her help has been so valuable. He looks forward to his time with her and it is such a great fit!

Opal Horner

Our high school son needs help with homework and study time. Tutorax found a young college tutor very quickly and she is very attentive to our son’s needs. We are surprised and pleased with the quality of the tutoring service. Thank you so much!

Sarah Panchak

Excellent service, professional and very fast. Our daughter was quickly taken in charge by a tutor for summer remedial work

Kathy Grant

Tutorax has been so helpful to my child. Ever since he started he has so much more confidence and relaxed more when it comes to test taking. Thanks to their great homework help service my son has progressed so much in math. The staff and tutors are so supportive and nice!

Anna hawksworth

Communication is a priority at Tutorax. Other companies found it hard to match my son with the right tutor. They were able to do it. Try them and you will end up with something that’s perfect for you! My son is progressing thanks to his online tutor!

Kinga Beech

I was fortunate to find Tutorax. They helped my daughter get his grades up in his chemistry class. It’s a challenging high school but he still managed to improve. Her chemistry tutor was able to demonstrate important study skills and organization methods. These tactics will be useful for her in all walks of life!! So happy about her progress and the help she got!!

Daniel Cowan

My daughter was so overwhelmed by her Geography class. Tutorax was quick to respond and provide a tutor who was such a good fit for my daughter. Grades improved and her overall attitude towards geography changed.

Osian Wyatt

Very accommodating and professional tutoring service! My child started with his English tutor 2 weeks ago and we already see improvement in the way he studies! We hope his next exam in his English session will go well. I think it will!

Meredith Haas

Tutorax came into our lives at just the right moment. My son has never enjoyed geography, he would get overwhelmed by all the homework and exams. Now he excelled at it. Thank you.

Trixie Valdez

5 Stars are not enough. The team at Tutorax got us through all the processes easily for my child who needed French tutoring. Thank you so much

Andrea Marquez

Tutorax has been wonderful. Joanny really took the time to ask about our child’s learning needs, learning style and interests. Within days we started working with an excellent tutor who provides a fun and engaging virtual learning environment that my son looks forward to each week!

Danyl Weeks

Amazing and supportive tutors! My daughter’s English tutor really helped our son succeed in his final exam. Thanks Tutorax for the support!!

Murray Mendez

Tutorax was the only company that offered in-home tutoring. A big thank you to Sindy for the exemplary service.

Brittney Spence

I am so glad I found Tutorax. I couldn’t have asked for a better summer school service to help my 9 year old daughter catch up. Her confidence is growing with each session and her tutor is fantastic! Worth every penny.

Donald Stover

My physics tutor was a tremendous help! He easily noticed what sections and notions I needed to work on. He was very respectful and patient about helping me understand the functioning of objects and other key concepts. Highly recommend trying Tutorax!!

Annalise Navarro

Very happy with tutorax! Maxim helped my daughter with her French test. He gave her much confidence and strategies.

Kalem Cisneros

Tutorax courses are packed with solid materials. English tutors and teaching styles are dynamic and my kid looks like he’s having fun! His tutoring courses are more personalized and structured than school.

Ryan Bostock

An excellent summer school service, thank you to our tutor Camille for her involvement, her work.Our boy has made a lot of progress .

Vickie Reid

Excellent on all fronts. Very courteous and prompt administration. Great value. And most importantly – exceptionally good tutors. Alex, History tutor, is fabulous. My kids love him, and the results are great. Other tutors we’ve used for other subjects on occasion are always good.

Wilfred Callaghan

If i need homework help at any given time, I get matched with a great tutor. I was so nervous before an exam and i got all my exercices done with the tutor. I will need another one soon and I know who to call!

Kevin Garcia

My son started online tutoring recently, I was very hesitant at first. It turned out great!. Excellent and patient online tutors were assigned to us two times. Loved how interactive the whole session was! Would recommend

Melody Cartwright

Love Tutorax. They put me in contact with Olivia who has been very supportive. She really helped my kid get better and better every session . Our chemistry tutor is accommodating and patient, exceeding my expectations. Clientele service also has strong communication to make sure were satisfied and at ease

Zephaniah Trevino

2 Words : professionalism and patience! I couldn’t have asked for a better service. All semester my chemistry tutor helped me get through such a tough course. Really good experience, 100% recommend.

Wren Lozano

We were really happy with Tutorax which we used for both our kids. Both scored 90% on their math test and this would not have happened without Tutorax. They are super flexible, easy to work with. Very happy to recommend.

Holli Gibson

Great experience with my science tutor as of recently. She assisted me with my assignments. Met some great people at Tutorax also when I spoke to clientele service. They are professional in helping students get better grades you can tell!

Yazmin Steadman

The online tutoring platform is very user-friendly. My daughter can access her tutoring classes quickly and communicate with her tutor. Online tutoring is more fun than we thought

Christine Bolas

Sarah is an amazing teacher for young and older learners, she is amazingly knowledgeable in everything from old history to new history.

Paulina Hewitt

Online school at home was difficult for my child, I knew he knew he would need support. We tried the online tutoring service and saw great improvement. Every online tutoring session has been positive ever since

Oliver Khair

My child was in serious need of summer school due to the backlog of classes he had accumulated during his school year. Thank you tutorax for this wonderful service.

Matthew Terrell

What a great physics tutor Kevin was! He helped my son prepare for his finals in such a hard subject. I must admit, when my son started I had to drag his feet to make him attend his courses! In no time, he really liked his experience and couldn’t wait to see his tutor the week after!

Angelika Glass

Our tutor in science was attentive to every detail and took his time explaining the material to my daughter, ensuring students understand. I definitely prefer this tutoring service over any other because of the quality of our recent science tutor.

Khalid Griffin

What a huge help Tutorax was. Wonderful tutors available online that are always very patient even when I get some exercises wrong more than once. Thanks for the support!!

Roberta Marsh

Catherine is a wonderful French tutor, my child has gained confidence in her french since her weekly zoom began, and she enjoys the lessons! Thank you so much

Kamron Christensen

I really think it’s a good service for students to get help in hard subjects. My science tutor got me through the finals recently and also helped me in physics. Highly recommend Tutorax!

Jessica Wang

My husband and I love our son’s English tutor. The content and follow-ups are the best you can get anywhere. In private sessions or group settings, courses are adapted to each individual needs..When you start at Tutorax, you feel completely supported on all fronts!

Dora Bond

My daughter had a great experience with Tutorax. The staff worked with me to find the right schedule for our online tutoring sessions. They were interactive thanks to the whiteboard and our great online tutor who knew how to handle every tool with ease.

Benjamin Robin

We’ve used other tutoring services in the past with my daughter, but Tutorax is different. They somehow know how to interact with their students and my daughter never complained. Their English tutors are good!

Abul Jacobson

Tutorax makes online learning way easier. My son’s tutor is getting solid Bs and B+ and I can’t thank them enough. I recommend to try online tutoring even if you are hesitating…

Darina Rossi

Chris is amazing! his conversations about school are upbeat and homework is done on time. Second tutor given and he is just as good. So far great homework help service from start to finish!

Isabelle Loy

We were extremely pleased with the work of William. He kept our son focused and engaged and we saw significant growth, particularly in his writing skills for his french test. I would recommend both William and Tutorax to anyone looking for a tutor, they have been proactive and professional and have made the whole process really straight forward and positive for our family

Kirstin Adamson

Our biology tutor is excellent! She makes learning super enjoyable! Her patience, energy and excitement are inspiring! She loves what she does and it shows in her teaching skills. We’re definitely going to take a few homework help sessions near finals!

Dina Haigh

I took my daughter to Tutorax last year for some help with her history class. She had been struggling and found it difficult to understand. After only two sessions with her tutor, she was greatly relieved to discover that it was all within her reach.10 out of 10 !!

Sue Ramos

I 100% recommend tutorax to anyone looking for a great tutor. I contacted tutorax because my son needed extra tutoring to pass his math course. His tutor, Sam, is amazing and was so knowledgable in explaining math concepts to him.

Lavinia Decker

It’s my second time using a tutor and my experience was better than the first time! I felt valued and supported by the tutor. I learned a lot from her, especially when it comes to studying.

Maria Wheeler

I had an amazing experience with my tutor. My lessons were extremely helpful. I would recommend this program to anybody needing tutoring. Thanks to my tutor Steven, I am better in science. He is very helpful , courteous as well as a great teacher.

Rina Colombo

My Tutor, Ava is a great individual who is professional yet applies scenarios to real life situations. She is very knowledgeable in her expertise. I am pleased with these tutors and I have no doubts that in the future the next tutor will be a good match.

Laury Benson

I never thought my daughter would enjoy her summer school. Thanks to tutorax for the excellent service.

Margaret Hughes

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