This is without a doubt the best investment I have made for my boy! Being a little energetic, his tutor Maxime was able to attract his attention with educational games. William always looks forward to the Saturday morning sessions. The tutoring meetings have become enjoyable for him. Quite an accomplishment!

Nicole T.

They listened to my daughters needs, the woman was a perfect match, great personality and patient and introducing games to aid in the learning of French. So far so good and payment via etransfer super efficient

Patricia Sasso

Hello, I am satisfied with the service and my daughters enjoy working with Chanel.

Anthony M.

Great company! The whole team is dynamic and offers a personalized service to each student. Indeed, follow-ups are done to ensure the progress of our child. I am delighted to have had access to such a service. Bravo for your company!

Delphine M.

My daughter loves her tutoring lessons. Alexandra confirmed the meetings the day before and she always makes sure to ask about the difficulties in order to prepare exercises. She is punctual and is always available between tutoring lessons if my daughter has any questions. Great experience with Tutorax.

Reid Murray

Our tutor is extremely patient. With her gentleness, she succeeded in helping our little Chloe. Our daughter no longer hides her misunderstandings and this has allowed her to catch up. She is now doing very well in her math class.

Michael G.

I am very satisfied with the tutor that my daughter was paired with, Queenyeva!! She is very professional and attentive. If my daughter does not understand her explanation, she is proactive and presents another way of explaining what she means. And, as a mom, there is nothing more reassuring to see her happy and proud of herself.


I turned to Tutorax for an English tutor for my son and his cousin. The boys like their tutor who is always on time and very knowledgeable.I really appreciated the flexibility: tutorax was the only company I found that was willing to do a course for 2 students without charging extra fees

Anik Souliere

We are very happy with the service. My two daughters have gained confidence and are learning to better manage their time during exams. Two factors that cannot be quantified, but which contribute to academic success. Our tutor demonstrates the level of rigor required.
Wonderful! I recommend.

Sindy D.

Great service! They saved my son from failing school and retaining his grade! Mathew was really resistant to the idea of having a tutor… They took the time to listen to us to really understand his needs. We were lucky to work with a young and dynamic tutor who really mastered his subject. Very competent!

Corina B.

Incredible service! The tutors are caring and full of tips! Available on my schedule! I saw a difference and a progression for my 7 year old son in 3 sessions! For my son in high school who is TSA, it helps him a lot and the tutor is very patient! Thank you, it’s good and not expensive for what you get!

Melany T.

Your service is impeccable and the tutoring sessions with my son are going great! Congratulations to all of you!

Michael L.

The tutoring sessions are meeting my expectations. We started with science help and then Rose asked us for a math tutor. Tutorax paired us with Lydia and we work together every week. Lydia has become a family friend!

Andrew R.

Everything is going well so far! Little by little, my daughter is regaining her self-confidence, it’s less and less painful to do homework between tutoring sessions with her!

Anita Toni

Addison is more than professional and we were all very impressed by her dedication. My child had a lot of topics to catch up but she stays patient with him every lesson. You really have an incredible tutor in your organization. We will definitely continue with Tutorax!

Carmine Boucher

Listening to our needs, up-to-date and very fast service!

Kim F.

Tutoring has saved my son’s education. Being a major hockey player, he spends most of his time at the arena or on the ice. His tutor (Brandon) has a lot of flexibility with my son’s availability. Meetings are held at home or online when games are out of town. I wish I had known about this service earlier!

Nicolas A.

Incredible service. After only a few sessions, we have seen a big improvement in our son’s understanding of his math course. Xavier, our son’s tutor, always comes well prepared to each lesson. We would recommend tutorax without any doubt.

Nathalie L.

I am so happy to have joined the Tutorax service which put us in contact with Mohammad for math tutoring sessions for my son. From the first session the current passed between Mohammad and my son and after only a few sessions we saw a nice improvement in the exam results which gave my son back confidence.

Cathy McDuff

Wow what a service!!! In less than 24 hours, after registering, the first lesson took place. Thank you for the excellent service and for listening to our needs.

Miranda C.

Fast, attentive and very professional tutoring service! A real relief to support children in their learning challenges!

Emily Prince

Tutorax came to our rescue the day before an exam. In less than 24 hours, my son was able to meet with a tutor to clarify some concepts for his exam. He got 85%! I highly recommend them to all parents and children in distress before an exam. They offer a professional and efficient service!

Taylor C..

Great first Math tutoring for my daughter who is in grade 10. Love the adaptability of the tutor. She is also fully bilingual which helps greatly. Looking forward to what the future bringsÉ hopefully a good base understanding of math and a new found confidence.

Belinda Zehrt

One word, Wow! After the first lesson, my daughter had stars in her eyes. Finally, she understood! I highly recommend Tutorax!

John Crenshaw

Last year Madame Laurence had helped my son with his math and French homework. This year Mrs. Soledad is helping my son with his learning in mathematics and French.

Marie Casseus

Thank you for the quality service you provide! Our daughter failed her math class last year and thanks to your VERY quick help (in less than 48 hours we had already met the tutor) her class went very well! Zoe was very professional, patient and organized. Definitely a service I would recommend to dads and moms who need a helping hand!

Sarah F.

I’m very impressed with the received service. They were quick to respond to our request, found us a qualified tutor and most importantly our son is getting better grades.

Charles G.

The sessions go very well. Louis has a great patience and we appreciate his work very much.

Christopher L.

We are very satisfied with the services our two boys receive. Thanks to Elisabeth’s help, Anthony has been accepted in his program. You have some parents very proud!

Philippe A.

I highly recommend tutorax! Within a week my son started with his tutor and is now excelling in school, he loves the “one in one”. Mathiew, his tutor, is very professional and well organized.

Sonia Ridenti

We called Tutorax to help our daughter who is in grade 9. Tutorax responded quickly to our request and found us a young tutor, Hanna, who is wonderful. She is full of energy and enthusiasm in her approach with our daughter. She knows the curriculum in french and math very well, so no time was wasted, she jumped right in! Our daughter connected very well with Hanna and was comfortable asking questions to better understand the subjects.
Thank you Hanna!

Analysa O.

Tutorax has made me realize how much less stressed my child is about his exams now that he has a tutor. For Oliver, working with Katy has made all the difference in his school performance.

Christelle V.

I am so happy that I found Tutorax. I could not have asked for a better service to help my 9 yr old catch up and ensure she is successful in school. Her confidence has increased and her Tutor is fantastic! Worth every penny.

Melanie Poliafico

Tutorax far exceeded my expectations. We had tried another tutoring service and were disappointed. Friendly and efficient service from the first phone call. My son had his first session with Theertana this past weekend and already learned a lot. He requested that I book further sessions with her.

Ava Gould

Joffrey shows professionalism, seriousness and great teaching skills towards my grandchild. We tried different tutors in the last years but Tutorax really is the perfect fit!

Katie Espinosa

Thank you I am very pleased with the speed with which you found a tutor. Julia is very cheerful and pleasant. She has helped my daughter tremendously with her confidence. Surprisingly, the fact that Julia is very young has been a huge plus.

Amelia B.

Do not hesitate to do business with Tutorax tutors. Our tutor, Ahmed, is very dynamic, very kind, punctual, and above all, my son is understanding his mathematics. It is a miracle ! Thank you Ahmed!

Maria Koutavas

I am very pleased with the service provided by Tutorax. In addition to being an investment in my daughter’s future, it has increased her self-esteem. Her math average has increased dramatically from 61% to 82%. Thank you so much!

Isabelle L.

Alexis is a tutor who listens to the student’s needs. He is very flexible in his schedule. I gladly recommend tutorax.

Carine M.

So far, everything is going great! Our tutor is the perfect candidate for our daughter. She is dynamic, patient, has a work ethic and is organized. We appreciate her professionalism and her desire for Jade to succeed.

Sarah Hartman

Emile came very prepared for the first meeting. During our conversation, I had told him that my son was a tablet addict. He arrived with some suggestions for applications based on research he had done.

Karine L.

Tutoring has been greatly beneficial to us. My son is gaining confidence and he’s getting better grades overall. Thank you for your great service.

Monique R.

Professional service that found a great tutor quickly!

Alexander P.

A first tutoring session for my son which went very well. Very professional tutor who gives students confidence.

Rabia Toraubally

Professional team. You can tell they really care about the students! I really appreciated that they contacted my daughter’s teacher to help her. This is the third company we’ve dealt with and they are the first to take the time to contact her teacher. We will continue next year with our tutor Carolane! Thank you.

Roger B.

Thank you for the follow-ups that you do. We are satisfied with our first session with Emily. At the end of the meeting, we planned sessions for the next two weeks. Thank you so much!

Celine L.

I am very pleased with the sessions with Coralie. My boy gets along very well with her and I am sure he will make a lot of progress. We will keep you informed of his progress!

Sophia D.

I never thought I would hear my daughter ask me to do an extra hour of homework! Yet it happened at the first tutoring meeting. Jessica didn’t want Arielle to leave. We reassured her that Arielle would come every Tuesday. Guess her new favorite day!

Nicolas M.

New experience for our daycare center which starts on a very positive note, great availability in terms of schedules for tutoring, a successful first intervention, punctuality, professionalism, and… good humor too, it’s important!

Rhizlaine Lina Diouani

My son has been working with his tutor Oceane St Germain now and he’s very happy, he understands the math much better and he is working hard on his history and French. I would like to thank you all for excellent service and for sending is such a polite and professional young lady Oceane.

Olivia Ward

Great Service! Going through University wasn’t always easy for me, but having a tutor really helped me finish my degree. Thanks to Tutorax, I recommend!

Alice Ross

Ana was very helpful, understanding and organized everything well. Ahmed, my son’s tutor was great . Since the weekly sessions, his grades have greatly improved, thank you Tutorax!

Tina Gaffney

The tutoring sessions with Justin allowed my son Christopher to be admitted to two private schools. In addition, we would like to thank the entire team that worked with our tutor to create additional exercises for Christopher. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!

Simon B..

Maria met our expectations exactly. She is courteous and very creative with Sarah. Our daughter is an artist and Maria always turns meetings into a great activity. I recommend her to all moms of a little artist with workbooks full of drawings!

Sarah L.

My daughter has been working with her tutor for a few weeks now, and we have already seen a great improvement… A very proud and relieved mother! Thank you !

Amelia K.

Tutorax has been a great help to my son, but also to our relationship. Mathew meets his tutor Alexander directly at his school on Mondays and Thursdays. Together, they do Mathew’s homework and study while waiting for us to pick him up. This is the ideal solution for our family.

Mandy C.

I am very happy with the English tutoring my daughter receives. Her tutor is very attentive to Latifa’s needs and she provides extra exercises before the exams. Latifa has also gained confidence and this has helped her in other subjects. This is impressive for a teenager who was reluctant to have a tutor.

Hanna A.

Thank you very much for the support given to my daughter. Because she is preparing her exam for entering high school. I am sure that this help was very precious to him and especially gave him back confidence for his exam.

Armelle Marty

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WORK: During tutoring sessions, the tutor helps the student consolidate learning, develop effective study habits and teaches strategies to help better organize at school.

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