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Does your child have difficulty in school ? Are his or her results below average compared to the rest of the class? Our catch-up/remedial assistance service is the right fit for you ! To solve this issue, our experienced counselors will ensure that your child is tied to a tutor that matches his or her personality and needs. After the first meeting, the tutor will be able to design an action plan to target the specific notions that need work. During these meetings, your child will be able to benefit from tailored explanations and exercises specific to his or her difficulties, and will learn various effective learning strategies.

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The catch-up/remedial assistance service aims to catch up on one or on various subjects. For a student, catching up with the class can be an arduous and daunting task. During the first session, the tutor evaluates the student’s difficulties and, together with him/her, sets concrete and achievable goals. During the meetings, the student will be able to clarify the notions that cause him or her problems and to evaluate his or her learning progress by using additional exercises. In addition, individual mentoring breaks the shyness barrier, and the student is more confident in asking questions. From then on, this will allow him/her to rework on all the notions addressed in class that are blurred or misunderstood.


At Tutorax, we give great importance to selecting our tutors to ensure that we are surrounded by a dynamic, motivated team made up of various personalities. This wide variety allows us to match each student with a tutor who will fit his or her personality. Through a good matching, the student can develop a relationship of complicity with his or her tutor. This will create a climate adapted to learning and increase the student’s motivation. In addition, the rise in his/her academic performance combined with the encouragement of his/her tutor will allow the student to work on his/her self-esteem and gain self-confidence.


In order to maximize academic improvement, it is important that the student continues his or her efforts, even after he or she is caught up. His or her tutor can then help punctually, before an exam, for example. This follow-up with his or her learning allows the student to overcome his or her difficulties directly when they occur. It then becomes easy for the student to pursue his or her educational progress at the same pace as the rest of his or her classmates.



See what they are saying

New experience for our daycare center which starts on a very positive note, great availability in terms of schedules for tutoring, a successful first intervention, punctuality, professionalism, and… good humor too, it’s important!

Rhizlaine L.

Do not hesitate to do business with Tutorax tutors. Our tutor, Ahmed, is very dynamic, very kind, punctual, and above all, my son is understanding his mathematics. It is a miracle ! Thank you Ahmed!

Maria K.

I am very satisfied with the tutor that my daughter was paired with, Queenyeva!! She is very professional and attentive. If my daughter does not understand her explanation, she is proactive and presents another way of explaining what she means. And, as a mom, there is nothing more reassuring to see her happy and proud of herself.

Lory S.

I highly recommend tutorax! Within a week my son started with his tutor and is now excelling in school, he loves the “one in one”. Mathiew, his tutor, is very professional and well organized.

Sonia R.

They listened to my daughters needs, the woman was a perfect match, great personality and patient and introducing games to aid in the learning of French. So far so good and payment via etransfer super efficient

Patricia S.

Ana was very helpful, understanding and organized everything well. Ahmed, my son’s tutor was great . Since the weekly sessions, his grades have greatly improved, thank you Tutorax!

Tina G.


Questions & Answers

At Tutorax, there is no obligated amount of hours. Each student has different needs, so you are free to tailor the frequency and duration of the sessions to whatever works best for your child.

Payments are made with a credit card. Bills are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deduction. Moreover, a portion of the costs associated with our services may be reimbursed by certain insurance plans. We invite you to contact your insurance company for more information.

Once you’ve completed your registration, Tutorax guarantees to find you a tutor in less than seven days for in-home tutoring and 24 to 48 hours for virtual tutoring service.

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