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IN-home and online TUTORING SERVICE IN Ontario

Tutorax offers an in-home & online tutoring services for students from elementary school to college/university covering all subjects. Get a qualified tutor in your area today.

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We offer each students a personalized support in order to consolidate their learning and develop their study strategies. The role of the tutor is to help the student improve his or her performance, but also to increase confidence and academic motivation.

Among the institutions in which our tutors study.

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This service allows students to have tutoring sessions on a weekly basis. Our qualified tutors help prevent academic failure by regularly working on concepts that students have trouble understanding in class. One of our educational advisors will also provide consistent follow-ups on the progress of the student in order to spot any new difficulties that may appear, or simply to congratulate him/her on their improvements.

This service allows the student to meet with a tutor a few days before the exam to help prepare and answer any questions regarding the concepts that will be tested. In addition, the tutor will provide a revision plan that recaps all of the key notions that will be at the student’s exam.

This service is offered to students with academic difficulties in one or more subjects. Through daily or weekly meetings with a tutor, the student will have the opportunity to counter any difficulties by reviewing all the concepts that he doesn’t fully understand. The goal is to help the student catch-up on his schoolwork as quickly as possible. In addition, this service is a great benefit to students–athletes who miss classes regularly.

This service is offered to students attending summer courses that need guidance towards success in one or more subjects. Our tutors are trained to motivate and help students overcome their difficulties at school in any grade level. Also, our service can suit students who barely passed a course and feel the need to strengthen their knowledge before the next semester. Consolidating learning in advance helps many students start the following year with good grades and more confidence.

Semi-private tutoring offers the possibility to book one tutor for a small group of students. This option can be applied to all our tutoring services and offers special rates depending on the size of the group.

Online tutoring is done via a web platform that integrates an interactive whiteboard, document sharing, audio/video communication and much more. Our virtual classroom allows an interaction between the tutor and the student in addition to giving the student the opportunity to work directly on his homework.


EVALUATE: We start with a phone call during which we discuss the student’s needs.

MATCH: At Tutorax, each student is matched by one of our educational advisors whose responsibility is to contact the most qualified tutor who’s in close proximity to the student. Our goal is always to find a tutor that best fits the tutoring needs of the student.

WORK: During tutoring sessions, the tutor helps the student consolidate learning, develop effective study habits and teaches strategies to help better organize at school.

ASSIST: Our team is always there to support you. We consistently provide follow-ups to ensure that tutoring sessions run smoothly and that the student’s progress is properly monitored.



Online Tutoring

Virtual Support


$ 43,00/h

No contract & no commitment

The virtual classroom offers private tutoring sessions within 24 hours. It is available across Canada for students from grade 1 to grade 12.

*$44/h for college and university students.

Elementary & High School

In-home Tutoring

$ 48,00/h

No contract & no commitment

Elementary and high school in-home tutoring is available in Ontario. All subjects from all school programs are covered.

College & University

In-home Tutoring

$ 50,00/h

No contract & no commitment

College/university in-home tutoring is available in Ontario. All subjects from all school programs are covered.



20 hours

1 FREE hour

30 hours

3 FREE hours

40 hours

5 FREE hours


Thanks to our large team of tutors, we have helped thousands of students improve their academic performance and self-esteem.


Esteban Mayo
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Great tutoring service for about 3 months and i see an amazing difference in my daughter’s writing skills. I wasn’t sure to ask for tutoring at Tutorax but my child keeps getting better and has fun for the entire hour
Rob Tang
Read More
Brenda is loving her tutoring classes and has more confidence in english every since she started at Tutorax! Thank you Linda for your strategic tutoring skills, I am very thankful!
Sarah Panchak
Read More
Our high school son needs help with homework and study time. Tutorax found a young college tutor very quickly and she is very attentive to our son's needs. We are surprised and pleased with the quality of the tutoring service. Thank you so much!
Cora Greco
Read More
With Tutorax we have seen a big improvement in the subjects my son is getting tutoring in. Great staff and outstanding tutoring service
Anika Arosio
Read More
I have greatly enjoyed my experience with Tutorax. My son enjoys his tutoring sessions with Kent. I appreciate the follow-ups for tutoring and the flexible schedule. Definitely worth the try.
Mattea Eramo
Read More
My tutor is professional, easy to talk to and helps me every tutoring session. I am very happy with the service so far. I recommend trying Tutorax for any tutoring subject


Questions & Answers

At Tutorax, there is no obligated amount of hours. Each student has different needs, so you are free to tailor the frequency and duration of the sessions to whatever works best for your child.

Payments are made with a credit card. Bills are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deduction. Moreover, a portion of the costs associated with our services may be reimbursed by certain insurance plans. We invite you to contact your insurance company for more information.

Once you’ve completed your registration, Tutorax guarantees to find you a tutor in less than seven days for in-home tutoring and 24 to 48 hours for virtual tutoring service.

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Obtenez une séance d'orthopédagogie rapidement

*Nous recevons actuellement un nombre élevé d'appels. Si notre équipe ne répond pas à votre appel rapidement, nous vous contacterons dans les prochaines 24 heures.

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