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A tutoring service accessible to all, regardless of the subject or grade level.

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Award-Winning Tutors in Saskatchewan



At Tutorax, we understand that a struggling student needs quality help quickly. This is why we are committed to finding you a tutor in Saskatchewan (and its surroundings) as soon as possible. Being the fastest tutoring service in Saskatchewan, your child will be able to review concepts not understood, summarize the learning, catch up on a delay or perform additional exercises on a weekly basis or on an ad hoc basis before an exam. Tutoring lessons can take place at your home or online.


Our vigorous pairing process allows us to provide each student with academic support tailored to their needs and personality. In addition, in order to simplify the flow of your tutoring lessons, our tutors can meet with you at the place of your choice, in all neighbourhoods of Saskatchewan. Whether it’s for homework help, tutoring, exam preparation or summer classes, Tutorax is your best ally


To ensure that the match between the student and the tutor is adequate, a follow-up is done with the parents after the first meeting. Subsequently, other follow-ups are carried out during the school year, which allows us to check the progress of the student’s learning. Thanks to the teamwork between tutors, teachers and parents, we are able to provide the best learning environnement for your child’s academic development.

The Process


Esteban Mayo
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Great tutoring service for about 3 months and i see an amazing difference in my daughter’s writing skills. I wasn’t sure to ask for tutoring at Tutorax but my child keeps getting better and has fun for the entire hour
Robert Tang
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Brenda is loving her tutoring classes and has more confidence in english every since she started at Tutorax! Thank you Linda for your strategic tutoring skills, I am very thankful!
Sarah Panchak
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Our high school son needs help with homework and study time. Tutorax found a young college tutor very quickly and she is very attentive to our son's needs. We are surprised and pleased with the quality of the tutoring service. Thank you so much!
Cora Greco
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With Tutorax we have seen a big improvement in the subjects my son is getting tutoring in. Great staff and outstanding tutoring service
Anika Arosio
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I have greatly enjoyed my experience with Tutorax. My son enjoys his tutoring sessions with Kent. I appreciate the follow-ups for tutoring and the flexible schedule. Definitely worth the try.
Mattea Eramo
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My tutor is professional, easy to talk to and helps me every tutoring session. I am very happy with the service so far. I recommend trying Tutorax for any tutoring subject


Everything to succeed

Qualified & Certified

Each tutor must pass a rigorous selection process and have a criminal record check to ensure you receive the best service.

Competitive prices

Better service at a better price than our competitors. *Tutoring services are tax exempt.

No Enrollment

No contrat needed, pay as you go!

6,500 + Students

Tutorax has helped over 6,500 students since 2016. 95% of them improved their grades.



Tutorax is made up of a large team of tutors with varied personalities. This great diversity allows us to match all the students with a tutor that corresponds to their personality. A good match is the key to the success of the lessons, as it will create a pleasant and favorable climate for learning. With the help of dynamism, encouragement and pleasure, the tutor also acts as a motivator for your child. During the sessions, improvements gives students a feeling of pride, which results in a gain in self-confidence.


Since its foundation, Tutorax has helped hundreds of young students improve their academic performance, pass their summer lessons, get accepted into their dream school and increase their academic motivation. Giving your child the chance to benefit from the help of a tutor is therefore an investment that, in the long run, will payback!

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