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#1 biology tutors in King

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Tutorax offers in-home and online homework help as well as private tutoring in biology, 7 days a week, here in King!

During tutoring sessions, the student will learn complex concepts such as the diversity of living things, genetic processes, cellular biology, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, homeostasis and more topics. Whether online or at home, tutoring lessons with an experienced biology tutor in King helps your child improve their academic achievement.




At Tutorax, we understand that a struggling student needs efficient and outstanding support. This is why we take care of finding you an experienced tutor as soon as possible. Your child will be able to review biological concepts they didn’t understand, summarize the lessons, catch up on the delay or do efficiently assignments. Our private tutors always adapt the lesson plan and teaching approach to your needs. Whether on a weekly basis or on particular occasions, tutoring lessons can take place at your home or online. 


Our efficient pairing process allows us to provide each student with academic support tailored to their needs and personality. In addition, in order to simplify the flow of your tutoring lessons, our in-home and online biology tutors can meet with you at the place of your choice, in all neighbourhoods near King. In addition, they always adapt their learning plans to your needs. Whether it’s for tutoring, exam preparation (exam prep), summer courses or homework help, Tutorax is your child’s best ally to thrive in school! 


To ensure that the match between the student and the biology tutor in King is adequate, a follow-up is done with the parents after the 1st lesson. Subsequently, other follow-ups are carried out during the school year, which allows us to check on the progress of the student’s learning. Thanks to the cooperation between the private tutor, the biology teacher and the parents, we are able to provide the best learning environment for your child’s academic development. 

Our Tutor Match Guarantee

Our Tutor Match Guarantee assures you that we paired you with the right tutor right from the start. We have a wonderful team who takes care of picking the right tutor according to every tutee’s needs and learning style. In the case that you are not satisfied with the first tutor we match you with, we will assign you a new tutor and your next tutoring hour will be on us!



Online Tutoring

Virtual Support


$ 43,00/h

No contract & no commitment

The virtual classroom offers private chemistry tutoring sessions in King within 24 hours. It is available across Canada for students from grade 1 to grade 12.*

*$44/h for college and university students.

Elementary & High School

In-home Tutoring

$ 48,00/h

No contract & no commitment

In-home biology tutoring in King is available for elementary, middle school and high school students. The subjects offered cover all school programs.

College & University

In-home Tutoring

$ 50,00/h

No contract & no commitment

In-home biology tutoring in King for college students and university students. The subjects offered cover all school programs.

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With our highly qualified team of biology tutors in King, we are able to help students successfully complete any biology courses. Since our biology tutors have completed these courses, they will be able to understand the common fears students have about this subject. Whether you’re just starting to learn biology, chemistry or physics or you simply want to improve your biology skills, our private tutors will adapt their teaching style and lesson format to your very own needs. 


Tutorax’s biology tutors King have helped thousands of students. As one of the best tutoring services, there are several reasons why students enjoy our service. Here’s why :

  • Our services are affordable ;
  • We offer school support regardless of your location ;
  • Our team is made up of qualified and certified biology tutors, eager to offer your child a teaching of quality ;
  • Our efficiency allows us to offer you quick help when you need our services.

Biology Tutoring in King & nearby neighbourhoods

Tutoring service in King - lessons available 7 days a week

Our tutoring service in King is available in-home or online for students from elementary school to university level. We offer homework help, exam preparation, catch up/remedial assistance, and online tutoring . All our services are offered in core subjects such as English, maths, science, history and French. We also offer tutoring in a wide range of subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, cell biology, health sciences, medical physics, molecular genetics, human anatomy, advanced functions, human genetics, statistics, molecular biology and more. 

Our team is made up of active students, graduate students, undergraduate students, college students, committed science students, health sciences students and more great people with extensive tutoring experience. Our services also include preparation for AP Biology, AP Chemistry, IB Biology and other exams. Whether you’re a medical student or want to improve your understanding of biology, our enthusiastic tutors can help you make biology your favourite subject.

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Thanks to our large team of biology tutors in King, we have helped thousands of students improve their academic performance and self-esteem, and gain an in-depth understanding of biology. 



Tutorax is made up of a large team of biological sciences tutors in King with various personalities and tutoring experience. This great diversity allows us to match all the students with a professional expert tutor that will fit with their temperament. A good pairing is key to the success of the sessions, as it creates a pleasant and supportive environment for learning. By giving them encouragement, enjoyment and satisfaction, the enthusiastic tutor also acts as a motivator for your child. During the private lessons, the improvements give students a feeling of pride, which results in a gain in self-confidence


Since its foundation, Tutorax has helped thousands of students in Ontario improve their academic performance, graduate school, pass their summer courses, get accepted into their dream school, gain a deep understanding of any subject, complete their degree and increase their academic motivation. Giving your child the chance to benefit from the help of a in-home or online biology tutor is therefore an investment that, in the long run, will pay back! With a tutor for biology, they’ll soon be saying that biology is their favorite subject!  

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See what they are saying about our tutoring lessons in biology

Elize Maynard
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I called Tutorax without knowing who they are other than the reviews. I needed to have a biology tutor for my daughter who was struggling in Biochem. She’s getting better and looks motivated. Thanks to Alex, wonderful tutor!
Ffion Mcdowell
Read More
Very knowledgeable tutor and extremely flexible with meeting our scheduling needs. Our son has more and more confidence and actually wants to attend his biology tutoring courses with her tutor. Thank you so much Tutorax
Eiliyah Alvarado
Read More
When I moved to Florida about 3 months ago and started a new school, I got in contact with an adviser at Tutorax. They sent me a wonderful biology tutor. She was very patient, professional and flexible. My grades went up! I ended the year with an A in my final exam! Very proud and glad to have found a great tutor
Sylvie Coles
Read More
I started with Tutorax and I love the follow-ups. I received texts to make sure that when we scheduled biology tutoring sessions for my son. We are happy and very comfortable with our biology tutor. Our experience with Matt exceeded my expectations. Strongly recommend Tutorax!
Alayah Garza
Read More
Remarkable biology tutor! Oliver was able to help me at ease understand complex biochemistry notions and he communicated well during the whole process. He made sure to explain things in the simplest way possible and helped me build confidence. Thank you for the great service!
Dina Haigh
Read More
Our biology tutor is excellent! She makes learning super enjoyable! Her patience, energy and excitement are inspiring! She loves what she does and it shows in her teaching skills. We're definitely going to take a few homework help sessions near finals!


Questions & Answers

At Tutorax, there is no obligated amount of hours. Each student has different needs, so you are free to tailor the frequency and duration of the sessions to whatever works best for your child.

Payments are made with a credit card. Bills are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deduction. Moreover, a portion of the costs associated with our services may be reimbursed by certain insurance plans. We invite you to contact your insurance company for more information.

Once you’ve completed your registration, Tutorax guarantees to find you an experienced tutor in less than seven days for in-home tutoring and 24 to 48 hours for virtual tutoring service.

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