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Tutorax offers in-home and online homework help as well as private tutoring in math, available seven days a week, here in Toronto!

Math courses always include abstract concepts that require a lot of practice. As a result, many students accumulate misunderstood notions from one year to the next. This delay becomes an important problem as the level of difficulty increases. Benefiting from a private math tutor in Toronto allows the student to make a “blitz” in order to catch up and maintain the pace of learning done in class. Giving your child the chance to benefit from academic support will give him or her the chance to increase his/her academic success!

Math Tutoring : Grades K-8, Grades 9-12, University and College

  • Principles of Mathematics

  • Foundations of Mathematics

  • Mathematics essentials

  • Functions

  • Functions and Applications

  • Foundations for College Mathematics

  • Mathematics for Work

  • Calculus and Vectors

  • Advanced Functions

  • Mathematics of Data Management

  • Mathematics for College Technology


Math TUTORING IN Toronto


At Tutorax, we understand that a struggling student needs efficient and outstanding support. This is why we take care in finding you a committed math tutor in Toronto as soon as possible. Your child will be able to review concepts he or she didn’t understand, summarize the lessons, catch up on the delay or perform additional exercises. Whether on a weekly basis or on particular occasions, tutoring lessons can take place at your home or online.


Our efficient pairing process allows us to provide each student with academic support tailored to their needs and personality. In addition, in order to simplify the flow of your tutoring lessons, our math tutors in Toronto can meet with you at the place of your choice, in all neighbourhoods near Toronto. Whether it’s for tutoring, exam preparation, summer classes or homework help, Tutorax is your child’s best ally to thrive in school!


To ensure that the match between the student and the math tutor in Toronto is adequate, a follow-up is done with the parents after the first lesson. Subsequently, other follow-ups are carried out during the school year, which allows us to check on the progress of the student’s learning. Thanks to the cooperation between the tutor, the teachers and the parents, we are able to provide the best learning environment for your child’s academic development.

Our Tutor Match Guarantee

Our Tutor Match Guarantee assures you that we paired you with the right tutor right from the start. We have a wonderful team who takes care of picking the right tutor according to every tutee’s needs and learning style. In the case that you are not satisfied with the first tutor we match you with, we will assign you a new tutor and your next tutoring hour will be on us!



Online Tutoring

Virtual Support

$ 41,00/h

No contract & no commitment

Our virtual classroom offers private math tutoring sessions in Toronto within 24 hours. It’s available in Ontario for students from grade 1 to grade 12. *

*$42/h for college and university students.

Elementary & High School

In-home Tutoring

$ 45,00/h

No contract & no commitment

In-home math tutoring in Toronto is available for elementary and high school students. The subjects offered cover all school programs.

College & University

In-home Tutoring

$ 47,00/h

No contract & no commitment

In-home math tutoring in Toronto for college and university students. The subjects offered cover all school programs.

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When a student begins to experience difficulty in mathematics, it quickly  turns into a lack of self-confidence and loss in interest for the subject. It is very difficult for students to catch up on their own because, since the basics are missing, it prevents them from assimilating the new complex notions. This small delay then creates a snowball effect over time, and the delay seems impossible to catch up.

Our math tutors in Toronto help to build a solid foundation that will allow the student to understand harder concepts over time. During the sessions, the student will regain confidence, since he or she will have the chance to catch up with the rest of the class by working specifically on his or her difficulties. Being mentored by a tutor will make your child say “I love math! “


At Tutorax, we believe that, with the help of tutors who offer effective guidance and teaching tools that are adapted to each way of learning, all children have the potential to excel in mathematics. Indeed, there are many types of students, and we all learn differently. Thanks to our personalized tutoring support, they are able to benefit from a math tutor in Toronto who will provide them with personalized assistance, embellishing the additional exercises and the lessons of the mathematical concepts with drawings and visual explanations. At Tutorax, we adapt tutoring lessons to each student in order to offer them tutoring that assure the desired success.


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Krista Ryder
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Alex could not have been a more devoted tutor for my child. Using Tutorax was worth every penny. My son enjoys doing mathematics with his tutor.
Jamel Watkins
Read More
We will forever be indebted to Tutorax and their incredible tutors! My son passed his math exam and I give all the credit to Tutorax! And, in addition, they actually enjoyed the process. Thanks for preparing them and building up their confidence!
Holli Gibson
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We were really happy with Tutorax which we used for both our kids. Both scored 90% on their math test and this would not have happened without Tutorax. They are super flexible, easy to work with. Very happy to recommend.
Jeffery Bennett
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Tutorax greatly helped my son his math test. Matthew is a really good tutor. He’s hardworking and patient. Thank you Tutorax.
Lavinia Decker
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I 100% recommend tutorax to anyone looking for a great tutor. I contacted tutorax because my son needed extra tutoring to pass his math course. His tutor, Sam, is amazing and was so knowledgable in explaining math concepts to him.
Shereen Garrett
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We had a great experience using Tutorax services helping our son prepare for her math exam. Anna, her Tutor, is extremely professional and highly experienced.


Thanks to our large team of math tutors in Toronto, we have helped thousands of students improve their academic performance and self-esteem.

Our Math Tutors in Toronto

Cindy : Toronto tutor in maths

Certified Tutor in Toronto

I have been tutoring math students officially since 2019.I don’t succeed unless my students succeed. I treat each student as an individual and understand their needs in order to learn, understand, and retain the material.

Education & Certification : Algoma University

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Georgia : Toronto tutor in maths

Certified Tutor in Toronto

Looking for an experienced math tutor? I study finance at the university level. I specialize in math subjects such as calculus, algebra, and geometry, but I am proficient in all academic areas.

Education & Certification : Carleton University

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Caiden : Toronto tutor in maths

Certified Tutor in Toronto

I believe that each individual student learns differently and it is my job to find the best ways to tutor each person by getting to know their interests, strength, weaknesses, and more to target their specific learning strategies and goals.

Education & Certification : Brock University

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math tutors in Toronto

Mathematics tutor in Toronto

This was actually our third time using Tutorax with Cindy, with two kids over two math exam, Cindy is really the best. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mathematics tutor in Toronto

Very happy with tutorax! Georgia helped my daughter with her final math exam. She gave her much confidence and strategies.

Mathematics tutor in Toronto

Caiden is a wonderful math tutor, my child has gained confidence since his weekly zoom started ! Thank you so much Tutorax

Mathematics tutor in Toronto

We are extremely happy with the math tutor Remy. He has given our son tremendous encouragement and is a highly knowledgeable and capable tutor.

Mathematics tutor in Toronto

We were extremely pleased with the work of Maddy. She kept our son focused and engaged and we saw significant growth in his math exam.

Mathematics tutor in Toronto

Tutorax has been wonderful. Paul really took the time to ask about our child’s learning needs, learning style and interests. He is a excellent math tutor.


Our team of math tutors in Toronto helps students overcome their barriers and academic delays, while simultaneously transmitting their passion for maths. Whether it’s for academic support, homework help, remedial assistance or exam preparation, our math tutors are trained to help students in all mathematical fields:

Addition and Subtraction – Multiplication and Division – Fractions and Decimals -Numeration – Data Interpretation – Geometry – Measurement – Algebra – Calculus – Data Management

Tutorax is therefore the ideal study solution!

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At Tutorax, there is no obligation to work a certain number of hours. Each student has different needs so you are free to adapt the frequency and duration according to what is best for your child.

Payments are made via credit card. Invoices are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deductions. In addition, a portion of the costs related to our services may be reimbursed by some insurance plans.  We suggest that you contact your insurer or accountant for more information.

Tutorax undertakes to find you a tutor within 5-7 days after the date on which you have completed your request.

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MATCH: At Tutorax, each student is matched by one of our educational advisors whose responsibility is to contact the most qualified tutor who’s in close proximity to the student. Our goal is always to find a tutor that best fits the tutoring needs of the student.

WORK: During tutoring sessions, the tutor helps the student consolidate learning, develop effective study habits and teaches strategies to help better organize at school.

ASSIST: Our team is always there to support you. We consistently provide follow-ups to ensure that tutoring sessions run smoothly and that the student’s progress is properly monitored. Learn more about our in-home tutoring service: